Sweet and innocent, yet dangerous and seductive. Addiction never smelled so gorgeous.


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Top notes
Coconut, White Peach

Heart notes
Ylang-Ylang, Tiare Flowers & Egyptian Jasmine

Base notes
Woody Notes, Vanilla Pods from Madagascar & Sensual White Musk


Sweet and innocent, yet dangerous and seductive. Addiction never smelled so gorgeous.


Mancera offers a typical french esthetic of an eccentric, extraordinary perfumery, in a result of its luxurious inspirations and perfectionism.

Pierre Montale dreamed of creating a line that evokes the purity of the form of the fragrance, stylisation of the prints and richness in materials of the flask.

Order, color and geometry: for a modern look, gold plating, woods from Macassar, the incrustation of the mother of pearl or metal (gold, leather, brass) to embrace the luxury oriental colors of the flask.

A tribute of french refinement for a man who travels between far away and to his homeland.

Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera House. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter.

Amélie becomes the artistic director for the Mancera fragrances to push this multi-generation project forward.

He is an inveterate traveller of the Far East, with an ancestral knowledge that was passed on to him in the darkest corners of the workshops of master perfumers.

She is a photographer and a visionary visual artist, passionate about Art deco and in love with the fragrances that have been the environment she grew up in since early childhood, right by his side.

Graphic arts then merge with olfactory design and into a work that stands the test of time. Purity and geometry inspire the creation of the elixirs and their crystalline boxes.

Mancera transcends Western and Eastern inspirations in this room where four hands are busy at work. This family sonata produces a synesthesic, visual and olfactory dance, a journey to the edge of remote lands. Where myths are born and the future is drawn.




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