Since ancient times, humankind has been wearing perfumes to express their own identity. With ART OF SENSE  we continue this tradition by offering our customers their own unique fragrance or by creating these fragrances ourselves.

Our company provides a range of exclusive perfumes imported from all over the world. These perfumes are developed by perfumers who have put their heart and soul into creating these unique fragrances.

In addition, ART OF SENSE also has the necessary expertise and innovative technology to create a fully bespoke, world-class perfume.

In the virtual webshop customers may browse our selection of the finest perfumes. To help our customers in picking the most suitable perfume, we specifically developed a module in which customers can fill out specific questionnaires.  

Should the customer not find a matching perfume within our range of products, they may indicate this in the questionnaire and ask for a bespoke perfume after which a meeting will be set up to determine the customers preferred fragrances by means of test scents. Based on this we will then create different test perfumes from which the customer may make their final selection.


Certain senses such as taste, hearing and smell can evoke strong emotions related to a specific memory. 

In the brain regions (hippocampus and amygdala) where smells are perceived, we also find the control room of our emotions, the so-called limbic system. This system ensures that we can link scents relatively easy and quickly to an emotion or memory.

When you suddenly smell the scent of your favorite dish you used to eat as a child, it can trigger a very specific and tasty memory. The smell will transport you back to this moment in time in which you will be able to recall the taste of the dish itself.

The impact of a smells, especially perfumes, are very intense. Together we want to make new and happy memories while finding your unique matching fragrance so that you can look back on this moment with pleasure.

“Your happiness, our memory!”


ART OF SENSE will guide you through the world of all these exclusive fragrances with an enthusiastic and positive approach and based on your story and needs, we will select or create a perfume best suited to your personality or even to your mood.

Every fragrance is unique and may have a very positive effect on your state-of-being. It may bring you confidence and may even change the way how others perceive you.

“We’ll create a fragrance that suits your mood in every season”


We find true strength and beauty in perfumes because they are very personal; they may evoke strong memories with a just one single note;  they attract and create special bonds and they may make us feel exactly the way we want to feel: relaxed, beautiful, confident, sexy, …  Similarly, scent is a form of expression, a way to reveal our own mood or personality. In short, scent is a form of ‘Art’ which stimulates all other ‘Senses’ as well. And thus the name of our company was born.

Hence, our name ART OF SENSE

Our logo symbolizes the three fragrance notes needed to create a perfume. Each line symbolizes the head, heart, and base note. 

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